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Come experience Yoga with our

Radiant Heat

About Us

Radiant Yoga, formerly known as Hot Yoga Kennesaw, has a dynamic team of instructors with decades of combined yoga practice and teaching experience. We don't want our instructors to be robotic so we ask them to find their own voice. You can experience a variety of personalities at out studio. Radiant Yoga feels that the strongest aspect of any studio is the relationship between student and teacher. Come Find the instructor that suits you. 

Our mission is to enhance our participant’s ability to reduce stress at work, at home and in all aspects of life,

by providing a world-class experience.


Our studio invites you to experience our classes. Each class is driven by the desire to maintain balance, improve mental, physical, and spiritual growth.  The foundation of Radiant Yoga is the professionally trained instructors, as well as the high level of assistance, and service we provide our members.  


Radiant Yoga not only represents a place where participants receive the highest level of training available, but also an opportunity to be a part of a unique community of like-minded Yogi enthusiasts,

both in the studio as well as socially throughout Cobb county.

Some of the Classes We Offer


Benefits of Infrared Heat

Increased Blood Circulation

Studies show, even after an infrared heat session, people experience decreased blood pressure and increased arterial compliance.  

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