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Monthly Women's Circle

Join us the last Sunday of every month for our Courage Over Comfort women's circle. Women are often well practiced at taking care of others, but when it comes to giving ourselves that same time, attention, and energy we let much get in the way. At our women's circle we explore challenging topics such as courage, vulnerability, trust, boundaries, and more. The group meets from 1:30-3:30 pm and costs $10 per visit or you may purchase a pkg. of 4 for $25. The circle is facilitated by Julia Speer of SageSoulSisters.com and is open to all women and those who strongly identify as women. To register or for more details go to: https://www.sagesoulsisters.com/event   or

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March 29: Blame vs. Accountability

April 26: Archetypes; What are they and how do they show up in my life, both the shadow and light aspects.

Julia Speer, Facilitator

Sonic Prana with Bill Klausmeyer

By using an array of gentle, clear sonic and percussion instruments, they will take participants through a deeply relaxing restorative meditation.

Each session is unique, based upon an intuitive read of the student base. It usually includes an induction utilizing yoga Nidra, then into the sound bath. During this period you will be immersed in the sounds of chakra tuned crystal singing bowls, rain chimes, ocean drum, Indian flute, and others.

After the crescendo you will fall briefly into silence, and will be awakened with gentle music.

During the meditation a SonicPrana recorded session will play, which has been altered with Infinitune ™ technology- helping to rebalance and tune our brain and auditory system. Edgar Cayce famously said ‘sound is the medicine of the future’. He also worked with light. The room will be dimly lit, and provide Bliss lighting for a hypnotic visual effect.

Most people come out smiling, energized and with observation of a particular chakra sound resonating to them.
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Bill Klausmeyer


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