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Happy New Year and Congratulations to our January Yogi of the Month: Belle Testa

We welcome the New Year and wish all to have a fresh new start! For the month of January we are honoring Mrs. Belle Testa. She has been a regular yogi at HYK and has been selected to represent this month. She was chosen for the month of January because she is a shining example of dedication and good spirit. We love the energy she brings to class. She is a wonderful example of hard work and positive outlook. We also enjoy her stories of her travels. Pictured above you can see Belle enjoying a walk on a beautiful beach in Alaska. To find out how Belle feels about HYK please read the interview below :

How long have you been practicing?

 I started yoga classes at HYK about 1 year ago, when my family and I moved to Kennesaw. There weren’t yoga studios around the rural area we lived in and knowing the benefits, I always had wanted to try classes. 

Why did you start practicing yoga?

I love sports and have exercised regularly since middle school. Over the years, out of all the different physical activities I’ve tried, yoga is the best all around exercise there is. It pushes you to your limit, without tearing you down, which a lot of exercises or sports tend to do.

Do you have any advice for others on how you make time for

your practice?

  For me, yoga makes me feel serene, strong and rejuvenated. Its improved my balance, body awareness and awareness of breath. I noticed that I had a tendency to breathe shallow so this helps me remember to breathe deep throughout the day... which is pretty important! It’s hard to be calm when you’re not even breathing right!

How does yoga benefit your life/affect your every day life?

Being a chiropractor, I’ve noticed an improvement in my spinal health and range of motion in my joints. The positions and movements of yoga, help prevent degeneration of the spine.

What is your favorite thing that HYK offers you?

 I love HYK for a few reasons.  The instructors are wonderful. There’s good variety and they always help each individual to progress in their practice.  I also like that it feels more like a yoga family rather than a yoga studio. Lastly, I love the infrared heat and the additional health benefits it produces.

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