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November's Yogi of the Month - Michelle Hesketh

For the month of November we are honoring Michelle Hesketh. She has been a dedicated yogi at HYK for a long while now and we have grown to know and love Michelle. She brings a bright energy to the studio and is an inspiration to others. She always wears a smile and is willing to share advice with others. We are impressed how much she has evolved as a student and want to take the time to acknowledge her for the month of November. If you do not already know her please check out her interview to get a glimpse of what she is like


How long have you been practicing yoga?

On and off for years - however for the past 2 years I have been coming to HYK regularly - I try to practice 4-5 times a week Why did you start practicing yoga? 

For both stress management and also to help improve strength Do you have any advice for others on how you make time for your practice? 

Once you start attending regularly - you really begin to see a difference in your strength and ability.  This is a big incentive to continue to expand your practice and work harder. How does yoga benefit your life/affect your every day life? 

I've noticed a significant improvement in my stress management skills.  Also, I feel better and healthier. What is your favorite thing that HYK offers you? 

A comfortable studio to practice with other yogis and wonderful teachers! Thank you!!!

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