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Tips to Commit to a Regular Practice

       Did you know that just by pre-registering for a class you create a sense of accountability and are more likely to attend the class? This small act of mindfulness take just 5 minutes with our Zen Planner app. Check out our schedule and sign up for a few classes this week. You will be glad you did!

2. Bring a Friend-

     Having a work out buddy or someone to share your practice with encourages you to show up to the mat. You can motivate each other to show up and with the accountability of a  partner your chances of attendance increase dramatically. Besides it is always great to have a friend next to you to make you giggle while making funny faces at you in the mirror.

3. Invest in your own mat-

     Having your own mat and your own  personal yoga accessories also helps to bring you into the studio. It gives you the sense of commitment when you make a personal investment towards bettering your health and well being.

4. Enroll in a Membership-

    Speaking of investment, if you commit to a package/membership it is proven you will attend more classes. With the financial investment you are more likely to show up on the mat. Where as if you sign up for an online coupon it is easy to convince yourself that you do not loose out on much if you do not show up for class.

5. Set Goals-

    Visualize your results and set goals. If you have something to work towards it can be a great motivator to get you to show up consistently to your mat.

6. Speak with Intention-

     Be sure to speak in the past tense when talking about your yoga practice. The words you speak, and thus hear, will have an important impact on your mental state. For example, "I have committed to yoga class" vs "I want to try a yoga class" is a more positive perspective.

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